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Developing and Recognizing Faculty Instructional Skills

Dr Norman L. Fortenberry | American Society for Engineering Education

Developing and Recognizing Faculty Instructional Skills

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"I will make a case for more purposeful, focused attention to the quality of instruction (or promotion of learning) by individual engineering faculty. We will debate why such a shift in attention is desirable, what "environmental" changes have occurred that support such a move, when such attention could be more productively applied, and how such attention might be most productively effected. In discussing how, we will look at international precedents and models to consider their applicability in a US context.
Given that faculty are based locally within their institutions, but receive their most significant recognition globally within their discipline, we will consider various methods of measuring and recognizing such skills. A key issue will be the relative merits of showcasing exemplars versus mandating baseline attainment by all members within a defined population. International models will examined in this regard as well. Anticipated outcomes are initiation of a continuing conversation on these issues and identification of the most productive avenues by which to move from discussion to action."