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Materials Education Online: Incorporating Sustainability

Prof James Shackelford | University of California

Materials Education Online: Incorporating Sustainability

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A collaboration with UC Davis Extension to develop online education courses on materials science and engineering was presented at both the 6th NAMES at the Ohio State University in 2015 and the 7th NAMES at the University of California, Berkeley in 2016. In the past year, this effort has led to a dialogue with colleagues in the areas of sustainability and the circular economy.
This report at the 8th NAMES will focus on the following aspects of the overall effort:
1) A hybrid course consisting of a complete set of online lectures in conjunction with the introductory materials textbook Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers, along with traditional laboratory experiments on campus during UC Davis Summer Sessions. After four years, this has become the standard format for the summer offering of the introductory materials course at UCD.
2) A MOOC based on key topics covered in the online lectures in item 1 entitled "Materials Science: Ten Things Every Engineer Should Know." An update will be given on this MOOC provided on the Coursera platform. 3) A review of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Conference on "Solid Urban Waste Management" in Rome in April 2016. The conference recommendations on sustainable practices will be discussed, along with the potential for raising public awareness through online education.
4) The further dissemination of the Rome Conference concepts from the perspective of the circular economy, as presented online through the Disruptive Innovations Festival (DIF) in November 2016. The role of the Granta Design CES EduPack in improving environmental performance of products through design will be emphasized.