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Integrating Computational Modeling Modules in Different STEM Courses

Dr Lan Li | Boise State University

Integrating Computational Modeling Modules in Different STEM Courses

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To meet national workforce need, Engineering College at Boise State University integrates computational modeling training into different STEM courses (thermodynamics, structure of materials, kinetics, and mechanical behavior). We flip the courses, requiring students to self-study topics outside the class. In the class, I demonstrate real-world engineering problems and guide the students to solve the problems using different computational modeling techniques. The students have various STEM backgrounds. To seamlessly couple computational modeling modules with the STEM courses and engage student interest, real-world problems, examples and assignments are developed based on the knowledge surveys, which assess student learning and survey student interest and expectation for the courses. I will present the course outline, teaching strategies, and ready-to-use computational modeling problems and examples. I will also demonstrate the course outcomes and discuss the teaching challenges.