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Screencast Tutorials, YouTube, and a Flipped Classroom in Mechanics of Materials

Assoc Prof Luke Lee | University of the Pacific

Screencast Tutorials, YouTube, and a Flipped Classroom in Mechanics of Materials

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With increasing focus on student-centered learning and the implementation of technology in instructional delivery, the flipped (or inverted) teaching approach has garnered attention as a means to utilize online instruction as pre-training outside of the classroom in order to enhance the active learning environment during face-to-face meetings. This flipped classroom approach appeals to millennial students who have been exposed to information technology from a very young age. The goal of this presentation is to describe our framework and lessons learned in the design and implementation of a flipped classroom in mechanics of materials. First we describe the approach to creating, to producing, and to distributing screencast tutorials via a YouTube channel (, 34,000+ subscribers, 4.5 million+ views). Insights into viewer retention and demographics from a global audience are also shared. The framework of our flipped classroom approach, where concepts are introduced via online videos as homework and the face-to-face active learning classroom structure, is also described. Pre and post quiz data are utilized to compare the effectiveness of student learning in the flipped classroom versus a traditional lecture approach to mechanics of materials. For comparison, pre and post quiz performance from other disciplinary courses are used as a baseline.