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Materials Education Online: Further travels in cyberspace

Prof James Shackelford | University of California

Materials Education Online: Further travels in cyberspace

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Since the 6th NAMES at the Ohio State University in 2015, additional experience has been gained with teaching materials science and engineering online, providing additional perspectives on the opportunities and the challenges in doing so. The past decade has seen initial enthusiasm and then considerable skepticism about the promise of online education. Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been the focus of much of that discussion. Informed by this debate, the author in collaboration with UC Davis Extension has continued to explore a number of approaches to online instruction for the field of materials science and engineering: (1) A complete set of online lectures in conjunction with the introductory materials textbook Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers. The use of these lectures in various formats will be discussed, focusing on their use in the "flipped classroom." (2) A hybrid course consisting of the lectures in item 1 along with traditional laboratory experiments on campus during UC Davis Summer Sessions. With three years of experience, a comparison of that offering with a parallel offering of the introductory course with in-class lectures will be given. (3) A MOOC based on key topics covered in the full online course in item 1 entitled "Ten Things Every Engineer Should Know About Materials Science." An update will be given on the move to a larger MOOC platform. (4) A webinar in collaboration with Granta Design focusing on our experience with item 3 and the enhancement of introducing these topics using CES EduPack. This overview will be followed by broader comments on the overall future of online education.