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Innovation: Why, How and What

Dr Ronald Kander | Philadelphia University, USA

Innovation: Why, How and What

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Here at Philadelphia University, we are in the process of transforming the interdisciplinary education process in the fields of design, engineering and business to focus our students squarely on innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. In the process of partnering with industry to develop our award-winning curriculum, we have also developed a unique way to define the applied innovation process and deliver specific educational experiences around that definition. We call this process "Nexus Learning" to describe our active, collaborative, real world learning process. It seems like everyone today uses the word "innovation" to describe what they do and how they do it. Borrowing from Simon Sinek, this presentation will "start with why", and will explore why interdisciplinary, team-based innovation is one of the best ways to address today's complex, real-world, human problems. We will describe global trends, explore specific learning outcomes, consider definitions of innovation, and describe one specific example of the applied innovation process. Finally, we will conclude with a discussion of why interdisciplinary, team-based innovation is the best way to prepare our students for their future careers and for future job titles (many of which do not exist today!) and why materials education will continue to be a key element in the modern applied innovation process.