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Meeting the Talent and Training Needs of the Ceramic and Glass Industries

Charlie Spahr and Marcus Fish | Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, The American Ceramic Society, USA

Meeting the Talent and Training Needs of the Ceramic and Glass Industries

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Materials professionals use ceramics and glass to pioneer energy solutions, advance medicine, improve the environment, support manufacturing innovations, and make life better. While ceramic and glass technologies are growing in importance, there are significant talent and training shortfalls facing the ceramic and glass industry. In 2014, The American Ceramic Society launched the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF) to ensure that the industry is able to attract and train the highest quality talent available to work with engineered systems and products that utilize ceramic and glass materials. The CGIF is addressing the needs of the ceramic and glass industry through the following program areas: Scholarships - the CGIF is planning to fund scholarships to students who demonstrate interest in ceramic and glass science and engineering. Internships - the CGIF will create tools and facilitate networking so that students and companies can optimize the search to find each other and significantly improve the likelihood of successful matches. Continuing Education and Training - the CGIF supports the continued training of those already in industry. We are working with experts in the field to create training modules delivered in multiple formats such as webinars, CD-based training, and in-person workshops. Student Outreach - the CGIF promotes ceramic and glass science and engineering to middle and high school students through programming, outreach, and wide distribution of teaching aids and science kits. We participate in science fairs and similar events to promote the opportunities and rewards of a career in ceramics and glass. Advocacy - the CGIF advocates for continued support of the materials engineering discipline, ceramic and glass materials in particular. A key objective of the CGIF is to highlight the value of ceramic and glass materials to those outside our own profession. Since 1898, The American Ceramic Society has been the hub of the global ceramics community and the most trusted sources of ceramic materials and applications knowledge. Successful implementation of these CGIF programs will increase public awareness of ceramics and glass, attract more students to study and research in the ceramic and glass fields, fill the talent pipeline for industry, and provide more professional development opportunities in the workplace.