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An Interactive Tool for Sustainability-Related Materials Teaching

Dr Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design

An Interactive Tool for Sustainability-Related Materials Teaching

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Sustainability in engineering is an abstract and complex issue entailing both material and energy resources or flows, alongside societal and economic aspects. We describe how a widely used software and a unique dataset of material properties can be used in engineering teaching and industry to enable a rational and well informed response to eco challenges. CES EduPack 2015 and its relative, CES Selector 2015, can be used to interactively select materials from comprehensive databases based on cost, manufacturability, mechanical performance and eco-properties, such as embodied energy or carbon footprint, using visualization and selection tools. Life-cycle properties can be estimated already at the design stage using a so called Eco Audit which also delivers guidelines for improved environmental performance. Case studies and examples demonstrate the technical utility and the Sustainability database is used to show how to support social and resource aspects in teaching and in Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.