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Teaching the Introductory Materials Course in Asia: Three Case

Prof James Shackelford | University of California, Davis

Teaching the Introductory Materials Course in Asia: Three Case

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Case Study No. 1 - South Korea 2011 In the UC Davis Summer Abroad Program, the introductory materials course (Engineering 45) was offered during the summer of 2011 at Yeungnam University. While compressing the 10-week course into one month was a challenge, the cultural and personal benefits of having an even mix of 10 US and 10 Korean students were major advantages. Case Study No. 2 - Vietnam 2011 and 2013 As part of an ongoing interaction between UC Davis and the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), [1] the E45 course was offered for the first time in Fall 2011 and again in 2013. The overall purpose of the interaction is to help HUMG modernize its chemical engineering curriculum. The entire 30 hours of lecture covered in a 10-week quarter at UC Davis is compressed into two weeks. This compressed course provided the concept for developing the MOOC, Materials Science: Ten Things Every Engineer Should Know. Case Study No 3 - China 2016 to the present: I was invited to begin lecturing in the introductory course in the International School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in Spring 2016. Their introductory course has many more lecture hours in a semester offering (70 hours versus 30 hours for E45 at UCD). By visiting WUT for two weeks at a time to guest lecture in the regular course offering, I will have covered the entire 70 hours of lecture material by Fall 2019. A special benefit of this interaction is the opportunity to view the rapidly advancing developments in materials research and teaching in China first hand. [1] C.Q. Choi, "Hearts and Minds," ASEE Prism, January 2018, pp. 32-35.