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Promoting Educational Reform through Institutional Transformation

Prof Amy Moll | Boise State Universit

Promoting Educational Reform through Institutional Transformation

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As a university, our primary mission is to educate our students. One of the essential elements of this education is what happens in the classroom. It is the instructor who controls that environment. In order to create engaged learning for students in materials science and engineering, all course work must be considered especially the foundational courses in science and math. At Boise State, with support from an NSF WIDER grant, we are in the midst of an institutional transformation to fundamentally change - across the entire STEM curriculum - what happens in the classroom. Through this project we are changing the experience of every STEM student in their foundational classes. And over time, we will change how every instructor at Boise State University teaches. These changes are centered on evidence-based instructional practices proven to be effective in increasing student learning in STEM courses and retaining students in a STEM major. In order to facilitate transformational change, a change model (Dormant's CACAO Model) is used to propagate the use of evidence-based instructional practices.