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Inspire their desire - balanced learning with real industrial projects

Prof Steffen Ritter | Reutlingen University

Inspire their desire - balanced learning with real industrial projects

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Creating state of the art parts and products nowadays require material know how, process know how and engineering know how. All these aspects need to be taken into account to achieve economically and ecologically best results for the given development. Materials and their use in products are very much connected how they are processed and how the product is finally manufactured. So each and every production process needs its own design rules ("design for ..."). Design for injection moulding requires profound know how about the polymer as the material itself and about the injection moulding process as a primary shaping process including mould know how. A unique archetype part called POLYMAN was created, to show the aspects of how to design injection moulding plastic parts. With the most common geometrical features of plastic parts it covers the basics of proper plastic design. The part is split into two halves. One side colored in red shows aspects which need to be avoided and on the opposite blue side you can see the recommended way to design that feature. Since POLYMAN is a real part, warpage, shrinkage and other unwanted aspects can be experienced on the "red" side. The corresponding "blue" side is OK. A little accompanying flyer explains the features of the POLYMAN in an eye catching visual way. The part itself including the flyer is kind of the maximum reduction how to explain the complex matter of injection moulding part design. In its materialized touchable way it is a unique resource to learn about the dos and don`ts. Overall POLYMAN as an archetype should be an inspiration which can be applied to many other materials and processes. Almost any material which is processed requires specific product design.