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New model in technology and engineering (NMiTE)

Prof Peter Goodhew | NMiTE

New model in technology and engineering (NMiTE)

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Engineers work in teams and become involved in all aspects of devising, designing, manufacturing and disposing of every man-made artefact. It can be argued that a conventional university education in engineering (or materials) does little to prepare a graduate for this range of experiences in employment. NMiTE - a new university being set up in Hereford - aims to redress the balance between the technical (the conventional engineering stuff) and the contextual (everything else). It will do so by breaking a number of moulds: Among the innovations, right from the start: are a 46-week year - with an MEng achievable within 3 years; no lectures - only projects; a curriculum in which the liberal is completely integrated with the technical; no exams; no degree classifications; no requirement for maths before entry and - we hope - 50% women among the staff and students. This is ambitious! I will describe some of the ways in which we expect to use these techniques to educate Liberal Engineers for the 2030s.