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Educational use of games versus gamification

Prof Paloma Fernandez Sanchez | Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Educational use of games versus gamification

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The use of games and game strategies in non-ludic environments is rapidly expanding. In particular is every day more frequent in educational ambients. More and more often, the term gamification appears in the context of educational situations. However, gamify and play are different things, and have different dynamics and moments. Nevertheless both terms are usually mixed, both strategies are mingled and also are confused with those of Project-Based Learning. In this context we will try to clarify the main differences. We will talk about the advantages of playing in the classroom, or how to incorporate games (sometimes called serious games) into the learning process. We will give an overview of different kinds of games and how to include them in different phases of a course: icebreaking, group formation, learning and of course, evaluation.