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New Challenges of Engineering Education in Korea

Prof Kwangsun Kim | KoreaTech

New Challenges of Engineering Education in Korea

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This presentation will cover the newly emerged challenges of engineering education in Korea. The economy of Korea has been developed so fast during the past 60 years and it is called the period of compressed growth of economy. It is believed that one of the strong pushes for the compressed growth of economy has been driven by the well trained engineers, who are the graduates of engineering schools. The Korean educational system and culture of engineering schools has been adopted based on US and Japanese engineering schools. The system is more like that of US system, and the culture and environment in the schools are those of Japanese. It has been, however, evaluated as one of best educational practices to produce the quality engineers, who might lead the fast growth of Korean economy. The recent paradigm shift from the industrial society to the creative economy has also generated the new challenges in engineering education in Korea. As the governmental organizations of Korea has driven the innovation in economic society to make it more creative, the most Korean schools of engineering have also tried to educate students, who would be suitable for the fourth revolutionary industrial society. The problems that the engineering schools are recently facing are to be described and the innovative directions in engineering education are also suggested and presented.