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Teaching Materials Science to Arts Students

Dr Adrian Lowe | Australian National University

Teaching Materials Science to Arts Students

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At the ANU, there is a growing appreciation for the need to offer competitive and relevant educational experiences in order to maintain our position as one of the Southern hemispheres' leading universities. Part of this is to look holistically at how course delivery may need to change (e.g lecture-free mechanisms) and part of this is to offer uniquely blended cross-disciplinary degree programs that enhance the employability of our graduates. Within Engineering, one avenue has involved combining with the School of Art to produce a study program on Engineering in Design. This presentation will focus on the processes adopted during the creation of this study program and in particular will focus on the differing requirements and expectations between engineering and arts students. Focus will then be placed on how Materials Science and Engineering, through the media of Callister and CES EDUPack, can be effectively delivered to a combined audience of Engineering and Arts students. Early work has revealed the crucial role played by supplementing (and often replacing) the numerical and analytical aspects of the course with appropriate visual representations through CES EDUPack - as without this, the two cohorts cannot progress equally.