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Strategy of Education on Materials for Students and Industry

Dr Laura Katharina Thurn | RWTH Aachen

Strategy of Education on Materials for Students and Industry

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Strategy of Education on Materials for Students The properties of products do not only depend on the ingredients of the raw materials but on the entire production process as well. This is why the education of engineers should cover both, material science and manufacturing - with a focus on its interdependence. Traditionally, raw materials are made independently from the latter manufacturing. Consequently, the product properties do not wary too much as long as certain production rules are obeyed. New production technologies such as Additive Manufacturing (AM/3D Printing) act as a game changer, mainly because the properties of the final part result from the build parameters applied to the printer. Another big influence is time. Traditionally, materials are mainly obtained from all kinds of mixing processes accompanied by long term heating and cooling while AM-processes make the material in situ which means in seconds. Our approach to materials education therefore is based on AM. The concept is to simultaneously teach manufacturing technology including the construction/operation of a 3D printer capable to process the complete range of thermoplastic materials and material science using the printer. In our concept the beginner-courses demonstrate the AM-process and the behavior of some sample materials. Next, students are integrated by assembly and operation of the printers for various materials and parameter sets. Results are evaluated in comparison to traditional produced ones by dimensional measuring, weighting, tensile test and analysis of scan data. .. and for Industry We literally bring the knowledge to the industry using a rolling Lab named "FabBus" (containing 11 Printers, 8 working places, computers and software). There we explain and demonstrate the material behavior to workers and technicians. At the conference we will present and demonstrate the entire program including the theoretical background and report our experience.