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Inspiring Students to learn about Materials through Products

Miss Magda Figuerola | Education Division, Granta Design, UK

Inspiring Students to learn about Materials through Products

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Knowledge of Materials and manufacturing processes are essential for any designer; whether the aim is a cool, must-have consumer product or a high-tech aerospace component. It can sometimes however, be hard to get students to engage with the topic. This talk will focus on the stories that can be told about products that can then motivate students to dig deeper into the science and engineering of materials and processes. Granta Design will launch in December 2015 a new database that puts products that use materials in innovative ways, front and centre. Inspiring and visually engaging the databases uses descriptions and images of products written by the 200 designers who have contributed to the database. The database allows students to explore the materials of which the products are made of and the processes used to make them. Students can explore why materials were chosen, how materials choice for the same product has evolved over the decades and how a changed choice of materials can change the way the product is perceived. Aesthetic attributes as well as the usual materials properties can be used by students to select suitable substitute materials in redesign projects. You can find the new Products, Materials and Process database here