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High School Materials Science Curricula: possible goals and opportunities

Prof Glenn Daehn | The Ohio State University, USA

High School Materials Science Curricula: possible goals and opportunities

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Materials science is not commonly taught in US secondary schools. However, through some grass-roots inspiration a significant number of high schools are now using materials content and even teaching full materials courses in high schools. The hands-on approach that is commonly used is very appealing and the courses have become very popular with students and teachers alike, even though there is great diversity in how these courses are taught and what content is delivered. The key questions that this talk will address are: - What should a high school materials science course (or courses) contain? - What important STEM topics are naturally reinforced with a materials science core? - And what are the opportunities for such a course to inspire and richly-educate students? The discussion will be informed from experiences in delivering professional development to scores of high school teachers in both the ASM Materials Camp program and a focused Math Science Partnership program that focuses on a cohort of about 30 teachers, some of whom have been engaged in professional development for several years.