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Enhancements to Materials Science and Engineering Teaching

Dr Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design

Enhancements to Materials Science and Engineering Teaching

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Large classes and limited resources for teaching are stimulating increasing interest in computer-based and self-guided learning methods. Such approaches, whether it be reviewing videos before class (flipped classroom), reading e-books or engaging with mobile apps are becoming more important. The methods that suit the generation that has grown up post-Google (1998) are interactive and visual. The challenge is to develop these while still meeting or exceeding the norms set down by accreditation schemes such as ABET, EUR-ACE or the CDIO Syllabus. In collaboration with Educators and Students, we have been exploring the design of resources to support this evolution in the teaching of Materials Science and Engineering. One computer-based resource that meets some of the mentioned criteria is the CES EduPack, introducing students to materials and their selection for design. We have found this to be a suitable platform to develop support for a Science-led approach to Materials teaching. So far we have investigated Curricula from Universities around the world, in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, and identified some common areas: Materials Processing and Microstructure, Functional Materials, Defects and Failure, Material Characterization, Phase Diagrams and Crystallography. The talk will outline a planned structure and content of databases which are still under consideration and we would like to leave time at the end of the presentation to encourage debate on which areas would be of most value to the Materials Educators in the room and how they would like to see such a tool developed.