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Teaching Sustainability for Materials in Architecture

Dr Javier Orozco | Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

Teaching Sustainability for Materials in Architecture

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The use of materials in architecture is lacking a systematic approach allowing the adequate comparison of performance from well-established criteria and international standards. This situation is complex when teaching. Teaching sustainability in architecture requires a thorough analysis on the concepts of the ecology of contemporary construction, and the relevance for the final user. This effort involves identifying standards, databases and user profiles for defining requirement attributes of our existing anthropogenic stock of buildings while formulating design strategies that contribute to reuse and recycling of building materials and components. After considering all relevant information a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) approach is introduced for the correct evaluation of materials in the sustainable building. Materials are compared and ranked from the building systems perspective, through the previously defined LCA approach. The impact of hybrid materials is also explored as an alternative strategy for the architectural use of materials today. At the final stage the relevance of materials in the overall evaluation is performed through charts obtained with the CES Selector 2014.