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Using CES EduPack to Look at Materials which can be Developed for Future Needs

Dr Frederic Veer | TU Delft

Using CES EduPack to Look at Materials which can be Developed for Future Needs

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The strong point about CES EduPack is the abundance of data about existing materials. Where existing materials do not meet the needs of the engineer in part or completely new materials can be designed. The synthesizer tool introduced in CES EduPack 2013 allows the user to look at possible materials for innovative structures. At Delft University architectural engineering department a course on structural design with glass was started in 2013. This course is given to both architectural engineering and civil engineering students as an elective in the master programme. At the end of the course a workshop is introduced where students look at the problems with structural materials. Analyse the problem in terms of what performance the material should have in terms of material index and in terms of material shape and processing route. CES EduPack is used to analyse the problem, find which materials have suitable properties and thus find a route to design a material or composite that would function better. The synthesiser tool is one of the tools used for this. The eco tool is used to analyse the environmental impact of the designed material/composite. The results of two workshops are described and the advantages of using CES EduPack to stimulate thinking about future materials is discussed. Suggestions for further development are given.