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Sensory Properties of Materials for Product Design

Prof Jenny Faucheu | Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne

Sensory Properties of Materials for Product Design

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A tailored educational program has been developed in the Ecole des Mines Saint-Etienne in order to impulse Design thinking into the engineering education program. The program takes place over two semesters and equalizes half of the students' tuition during that period of time. The program is divided into four consecutive sequences: First semester (design tools for engineers (120h)), second semester (human factor for desirable products (70h), multidiscipline workshop (40h) and prototyping workshop (10h)). In particular, sensory properties of materials are explored during the sequence concerning the human factor for desirable products. The statement is based on the fact the products are made for users and that the human perception of the product is a key parameter for a good product design. Methods of sensory evaluation and metrology are used to investigate the sensory characteristics of materials and the influence of material choice on the human perception of the material and product. Based on the understanding and enhancement of these sensory characteristics, hints for adding value to a product can be deducted and implemented in product design.