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Teaching Materials Science to Engineering Students in the Netherlands

Prof Sybrand van der Zwaag | TU Delft

Teaching Materials Science to Engineering Students in the Netherlands

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All engineering students have to be educated in the elementary or more advanced concepts of materials science, as their final profession deals with the use of materials to realize desired engineering end-products. Engineering students generally opted for their field of study because of their interest or even fascination in the tangible applications of their discipline. So, interest in materials science may not come natural to them. Of course, materials science educators are well aware of this and try and adjust the course format to the interest of their students, (or so they hope). Rather than reporting on the various teaching styles and Materials Science course formats, in this presentation I will report on a comparative study of recent materials science exam questions for BSc students in several fields of engineering (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, maritime engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, industrial design and applied physics) studying at the three technical universities in the Netherlands. Some interesting lessons are to be learned.