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Teaching Materials Selection from Industrial Case Studies

Prof Luc Salvo | Grenoble Institute of Technology

Teaching Materials Selection from Industrial Case Studies

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Materials and process selection have been introduced by M. Ashby into education in the past fifteen years. This engineering approach has been teach in the French engineer school of Grenoble to third year student. Theoretical background is presented to students and the lecture end by a long project which is given from industrial contacts on real case studies. These projects come from big company as well as very small companies. From the past fifteen years more than 100 projects have been treated. When looking to the variety of the project we can classify them in two main categories : classical material and process selection projects (3/4 of the projects) and finding an application for a new material (1/4 of the projects). The material and process selection projects can also be classified in categories. A first one (1/3 of the projects) where the theoretical methodology as well as the use of CES is a powerful tool, a second one (1/3 of the projects) where methodology and specific software had to be developed (composites, sandwiches ... ) and a last one (1/3 of the projects) which do not fit in the standard methodology (wear, high temperature, specific materials ...). Concerning the concept of finding an application a few of them have been treated using CES and it was found necessary to the develop a specific tool (FAS for Finding Application Software) in order to get further in the analysis. The aim of this presentation is to present all this and give outlook in regard to the evolution of the CES software.