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CES EduPack Exercises as an Alternative to Classroom Teaching

Dr Frederic Veer | TU Delft

CES EduPack Exercises as an Alternative to Classroom Teaching

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A problem that I have noticed the last decennium is a drop of in lecture attendance by students. In the design dominated curriculum of the architecture faculty this has reached a level where only some 10 to 30% of first year students attend lectures of theory based courses. Most students simply take the lecture sheets from internet and study these for examinations. This posed the conundrum that if 10-30% of students attend lectures and 50-70% of students pass their exams on their first attempt if giving lectures is necessary or even desirable. Preparing lectures costs time and energy and in this case the evidence indicates that most students do not need them. As CES EduPack has been used as the basis for materials science teaching at the faculty of architecture for five year it was decided to experiment for one year using a Wikipedia and CES EduPack teaching environment. A set of WIKI's was written that explain the necessary theory and link directly to CES EduPack exercises. Theory is presented on screen and illustrated using CES EduPack exercises. The results from this experiment were good in that the pass rate was up to about 90%. Student involvement was very high. In the evaluations one important point students made was that they liked being able to study when they wanted, even at 03:00 in the morning. The method developed, exercises and results are discussed. Also the problems with the blackboard environment that was used, which was not able to handle the traffic at peak times.