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Using CES EduPack for Tackling Problems Beyond the Textbook

Prof Alexander Wanner | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Using CES EduPack for Tackling Problems Beyond the Textbook

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Materials selection in mechanical design has been taught in Karlsruhe using the CES EduPack methodology and software for six years. Like Mike Ashby's textbook, our course concentrates primarily on examples and problems leading to materials indices which can be used to compare and rank materials in a straightforward manner. However, an important learning objective of our course is to also foster the student's awareness of the limitations of the standard textbook procedures. In the context of materials selection for limited available space we confront our students with apparently simple selection problems leading to performance indices which are not separable into a pure materials index and other functions describing the geometric and functional constraints. This presentation describes instructive problems of this kind, their solutions, and our corresponding teaching strategy. It turns out that the CES EduPack software is an enormously helpful teaching and learning tool also for tackling such "beyond-the-textbook" cases.