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Teaching sustainability in the undergraduate engineering curriculum

Dr Lynette Cheah | Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Teaching sustainability in the undergraduate engineering curriculum

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Sustainable development features prominently as a key challenge for humanity. In 2008, the U.S. National Academy of Engineering announced grand challenges of engineering, of which several relate to sustainability � including achieving energy security, curbing global warming, and improving access to clean water. The concept of sustainability, while appealing, tends to be widely interpreted. It is a broad concept, often requiring multidisciplinary approaches to solve, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Why and how can educators best introduce sustainability into undergraduate engineering curriculum? In teaching sustainability, the objective would be to expand domain knowledge, facilitate technically-grounded and balanced debate, equip students with sustainability assessment tools and methods, and to motivate future engineers and designers to apply their skills towards addressing these grand challenges. In this talk, these topics will be introduced, followed by a discussion on the value of project-based learning and community engagement when teaching sustainability.