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Design-Based Learning for Multi-Disciplinary Education

Prof Kristin Wood | Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Design-Based Learning for Multi-Disciplinary Education

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Teaching of subject matter, such as literature, history, social sciences, science, engineering fundamentals, and mathematics are often taught in isolation and within dedicated courses. There is also, typically, very little connection of the subject matter to society and real-world challenges. Thus, an opportunity exists to motivate subject matter with integrated applications and 21st Century skills for our students. In this presentation, we explore powerful pedagogical approaches for realizing this opportunity: active learning and design-based learning (DBL). The focus here is on materials education, where active learning and DBL foster a culture of inquiry, connection, and multidisciplinary problem solving throughout engineering curricula. Active learning products (ALPs) have been developed for materials' course modules. Likewise, designettes, defined as brief, vignette-like design challenges, have been developed to exploit opportunities to integrate design learning experiences in class, across courses, across terms, and across disciplines. We present examples of these active learning products and designettes in materials education, including extensive experimental results to understand their effectiveness, and applications across a number of international institutions.