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Technology-Enabled Education in Materials Science and Engineering

Yi Long | Nanyang Technological University

Technology-Enabled Education in Materials Science and Engineering

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There is an increasing need in engineering school to engage student to conduct mini-project for specific topic as one of the assessment methods. For example, in year one course MS8301 Materials and Man in Nanyang technological university (NTU), the lecturer set 15 topics of different transportation means for groups of five students and required them to give a presentation of how the materials usage and evolution influence the transportation performance. Due to the time constraint and large population of class (up to 240 students), their peers were not allowed to ask questions in class and the feedback of their peers was not easily collected. In order to promote student learning and create seminar-type atmosphere for presentation, E-poster/presentation was designed to allow students present their work in a virtual environment and other groups were required to ask questions and explain to another subgroup. Based on the answering and presentation quality, students need mark for their peers, which acted as one part of the marking scheme. E-Poster/E-presentation has been designed using free software, cloudshare, app and current software such as LAMS to provide student with new interactive and learning experience, which encouraged student critical thinking, active engagement and collaboration in learning.